Closet Office

Today I’m sharing my colorful closet office.

Closet Office 7

I painted the closet in shades of pink and purple.

Closet Office 3.JPG

My writing utensils are stored in glass jars set on a pink cake stand. Items such as paperclips are stored in the shiny, silver container.

Closet Office 2

In this box, there is a stapler, a label maker, and a few other items.

Closet Office 1

It is fun to have my button collection on the desktop, as many of the buttons are sentimental.

Closet Office 4

I love the way the chandelier sparkles in the mirror.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my closet office.

Holly 🙂





Apples and Marigolds

August means back to school in Florida. With that in mind, I decided to create a semi Back to School tablescape, as it is hard to leave summer behind.

August Tablescape 1.JPG

I set the table with a fun blue and white polka dot tablecloth.

August Tablescape 2.JPG

I  then set out Butterfly Meadow Cloud dishes by Lenox. The scalloped edges of the dishes play off of the white polka dots.

August Tablescape 3.JPG

The yellow-gold cloth napkins bring out the gold colors of the marigolds.

August Tablescape 4.JPG

I set a Gala apple at each place setting.

August Tablescape 8.JPG

The blue water goblets add sparkle to the table.

August Tablescape 9.JPG

I added four small marigold plants to a basket and filled in the spaces with asparagus fern.

August Tablescape 11.JPG

I love the various shades of green leaves, as they remind me of cool summer grass.

 Tablecloth –  Tabitha Webb – Home Goods

Water Goblets – Walmart

Cloth napkins – Domain – Home Goods

Marigolds – Walmart Garden Center

Asparagus Fern – from my garden

Basket – from a previous floral arrangement

Leaving summer behind isn’t easy, but a fun tablescape can brighten your day.

Thank you visiting.

Holly 🙂




Orchid Surprise

I love orchids! Over the years, I have received orchid plants as gifts and purchased them as well with great hopes of enjoying beautiful blooms in the future, but to not avail.  One day, much to my surprise and excitement, I found a shoot rising up from the bottom of my orchid plant! Could it be…?

Orchid Bloom 1.JPG

Yes! One of my beloved orchid plants sprung into life with an amazing flower and more buds above.

Orchid Bloom 2

I cannot wait to see it in full bloom!

Thank you for visiting me today.

Wishing you a day of happy surprises.


Garden Bling

I like to add some ‘bling’ to my garden with different ornamentation.

Garden Bling August 2018.JPG

This yellow and white glass flower was purchased last summer, and has staked its claim under a shade tree. It adds a bright spot among the asparagus fern.

Garden Bling August 2018 1.JPG

A tulip shaped glass flower sits in a bed of heather and reflects the sun with its colorful dotted and swirled pattern.

Garden Bling August 2018 2.JPG

This glass flower, which was purchased from The Fancy Flea, is made from various plates and baubles and compliments the color of the surrounding bricks.

Garden Bling Augsut  2018 3.JPG

A cobalt blue glass tulip sits among the rosemary planted along the edge of the front porch.

Garden Bling August 2018 3.JPG

This sweet pillow sits upon a chair on the front porch, and a garland of blue silk flowers is draped around the chair as well.

Garden Ornament July 2018 4.JPG

Finally, a colorful flamingo flag is stationed in a conspicuous spot in the garden, letting all passersby know they are in paradise.

Thank you for visiting. I hope this post added a little ‘bling’ to your day.




Pillow Safari

Today is the first day of August and it is HOT! A steamy jungle feel comes to mind when I step outside, so I  decided to change the pillows in my family room to reflect the heat.

Pillow Safari July 2018 2

I nestled a faux animal print chair beside the couch.

Pillow Safari July 2018 8.JPG

This cream-colored pillow adds texture and warmth.

Pillow Safari July 2018 3.JPG

I added warm colors to the couch to amplify the theme.

Pillow Safari July 2018 4.JPG

I love the soft texture of this pillow, which was purchased from Home Goods.

Pillow Safari July 2018 5.JPG

This pillow, purchased from Stein Mart, is a combination of gray and brown, and compliments the faux animal print.

Pillow Safari July 2018 6.JPG

I also added a faux fur pillow to the side chair to round out the new look. I prefer to enjoy the jungle heat from the comfort of my air-conditioned home.

Happy Hot Days of Summer!

Thank you for joining me today.


Holly 🙂






Tea for Two and a Sneaky Puppy

I recently found out that my favorite tea shop has closed. With that in mind, I decided to enjoy  some tea and scones at home. July Tea 2018 I chose to set a ‘Tea for Two’ on my dining room buffet table. Here is the way the table looks every day.

IMG-0932 (1).JPG

Here it is set for tea.

July Tea 2018 3.JPG

These are two of my favorite teacups.


This teacup reminds me of childhood, as my grandmother made a dress for one of my dolls with the same floral pattern.


I love the dainty roses with the petite daisies on this teacup.

July Tea 2018 4

I made cherry chocolate chip scones.


July Tea 2018 8.JPG

The combination of cherry and chocolate is delicious!

July Tea 2018 7.JPG

These scones are moist and full of flavor.


While my husband and I were enjoying our tea and scones, my puppy, Lulu, sneakily took a nap on the couch. She did a pretty good job at blending in. 🙂

Thank you for visiting me today.

Do you have a favorite teacup or type of scone? Please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy a beautiful day!





Teacups, Teapot, and Happy Memories

As I was thinking about the new school year beginning in a few weeks, my mind was filled with happy memories as I was taken back a few summers ago when my daughters each received a teacup that had been passed down from their paternal great grandmother.

Heirloom Beginnings 5

This teacup was given to my older daughter. It is sweet and delicate with flowers adorning the outside of the cup as well as the inside.

Heirloom Beginnings 4

My younger daughter received this teacup. It has wispy, muted flowers set on a white background.

Heirloom Beginnings 3

I received this hand-painted teapot several years ago as a gift from my husband’s parents. I love the soft colors and the delicately painted flowers.

Heriloom Beginnings July 2018 (2)

I also received this table and chair set as a Mother’s Day gift many years ago from my husband and children. It is hand painted with pink roses, green leaves, and white polka dots, which have faded to a nice patina.


Heirloom Beginnings  7.JPG

The chairs have seen a lot of use over the years as my children enjoyed tea parties and picnics.


Heirloom Beginnings 2

I think the teacups and teapot look delightful on the table!

What brings back happy memories for you?

Heirloom Beginnings 6.JPG

As I was putting the teacups and teapot away for safe keeping, a little birdie caught my eye. I adore the way he looks as if he is sitting in his nest, perched on top of the table.

Thank you for visiting today!

Holly 🙂